International Knowledge Sharing Initiative (IKSI Ed)

Welcome to the International Knowledge Sharing Initiative page!

The idea of the project is to link Researchers, Instructors, Postdocs and Graduate communities with Students Associations from Universities as well as with highschools and Teaching/ Tech Institutions that are interested in implementing a large public talk and a discussion panel and that are located at the places where the researchers travel during Conferences, Workshops and related events. We emphasize that the large public talks and the discussion panels are happening in the extra time and will not disturb the interaction that happens between professionals during the Conferences. For experienced speakers with teaching techniques, we aim to add an additional workshop to assist students in effective teaching and learning techniques according to relevant research literature on the topic(see below). If opportunities arise, we plan to help also by organising events to discuss and share (the traveling researchers and staff from local Universities and High Schools) effective teaching techniques based on the research literature on the topic.

Benefits and Opportunities

A) Large public talk: We aim to motivate the students to follow a career in research/academia (for both University and HighSchool students). Especially for University students interested in research: they will learn about new directions of research that are not present in their University, for PhD or Masters Theses opportunities.

B) Discussion panel: The second benefit of this project is the interaction with local Universities and High School staff with the interest to assist and to prepare for next challenges from the early age of the next generation of students. Also, via this event, we aim to offer local Universities the possibility to interact with researchers in order to obtain useful informations about general directions of research and training worldwide. We hope that this interaction will bring new information to local Universities about funding oportunites and important open problems from various disciplines that are receiving attention worldwide.

C) Workshop on effective teaching methods: Another benefit is to offer University and Highschool students an overview of learning techniques according to current research on the topic. Concretely, outside of the outreach talk, we plan to organize a session on techniques about how to learn effectively based on studies from peer-reviewed research articles. We plan also to implement parts of the techniques with them via small group projects, etc. This part is one of the differences that makes the experience valuable outside of the outreach part.

The Phases of the Project

1. The ‘Online’ Phase: (before we are allowed to return to campuses) In this phase, we establish online contact with the researchers on one side and with the high schools and local institutions on the other side. We provide Tech/Teaching institutions and high schools a list of people from research that would like to get involved to share knowledge to the interested people communities. Note: This phase can be implemented time to time also after the lockdown period is over, to reduce the carbon footprint in the future. More details to follow.

2. The ‘Offline’ Phase: One of the key features of a job in Academia is that the researchers travel (a lot!) outside and during academic terms. This initiative would help in the sense explained in the introduction paragraph, i.e. to organize large public talks linked with workshops on effective learning techniques based on research articles and discussions with experts in accordance with the travel plans of the researchers who would like to get involved. More details to follow .

Organization Procedure

We would capture, store and regularly update a searchable database. We would start with a few centers with local contacts and expand through time to the wider audience as possible in the future after we learn by experiencing it.